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VC Wrinkle Intense Toner

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The highly nourishing Essence type Wrinkle Improvement functional Toner makes the skin moisturized and elastic by providing life energy to the skin




Wrinkle improvement functional Toner
The wrinkle improvement functional toner restores lost youthfulness that was taken away by age with the synergic effect of VCCE which is a Wrinkle Improvement functional ingredient introduced by Hankook Cosmetics for the first time and of Adenosine which is a wrinkle improvement ingredient.
Highly moisturizing nourishing Essence type Toner
The highly moisturizing nourishing Essence type Toner makes the skin feel moisturized upon contact with the skin.
Contains Alan Vital Complex
Alan Vital Complex makes rough textured skin feel soft and elastic by moisturizing the skin.
Contains micro patch ingredient
The micro patch ingredient provides a continuous moisturizing effect to dry skin as it works like a patch attached on skin.


How to Use:
After washing the face in the morning and at night, apply an appropriate amount on the entire face and gently pat to help absorption into skin.