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Takaokaya Green Breeze Organic Matcha (20 sachets)

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100% organic natural green tea powder - perfect for making iced green tea and cooking. 20 sachets x 1g pack size.


100% pure Japanese tea in tea bags from Shizuoka, the foothills of Mt. Fuji. Takaokaya selects only the finest tea leaves from the Masuda-en Tea Farm in Shizuoka, Japan's premier tea region. Winner of Japan's prestigious Agricultural Ministry Award. Takaokaya teas are grown in strict accordance with international environmental management standard ISO14001.



A 100% natural green tea powder that conveniently makes wonderfully soothing hot tea for those chilly evenings and a refreshing iced drink for those hot summer days. 

Takaokaya ground only selected whole organic green tea leaves into a fine powder that you can easily enjoy with all the benefits of the nutrition contained in the natural leaf. 

Green Breeze contains more catechizes and Vitamin A antioxidants than what can be extracted with conventional tea brewing methods.

Use Green Breeze as that perfect flavor enhancer for your favorite recipes or beverages. Be creative with your next dish whether being an entree or a delicious dessert. 

Start shaking advantage of the healing powers attributed to green tea with the most enjoyable senses, GREAT TASTE.