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Sel Coenzyme Q10 Twin Cake

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Selenium Coenzyme Q10 makes the skin look clear with natural cover of blemishes: Contains UV protection functional twin cake.

021|Bare Beige
023|Real Beige

13.5 g



Contains 11mg Coenzyme Q10 liposome
Coenzyme Q10 liposome keeps skin elastic and firm.

Contains Selenium derivative
Selenium derivative, which is an essential mineral for the human body, makes skin healthy and revitalized.

Contains Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf extract
The ingredients of Portulaca Oleracea Extract and Ginkgo Biloba Leaf extract protect the skin and make skin healthy and bright by providing moisture to dry skin.

Covers Wrinkles and skin blemishes
Multi effector powder covers wrinkles and blemishes thanks to its silky texture.

Contains mirror ball powder
Mirror ball powder makes the skin look brighter and cleaner thanks to its blooming effect.

Keeps makeup matte and moisturized all day long
Sebum catch powder keeps makeup matte and moisturized all day long by absorbing any excessive sebum.


How to use:

After applying Makeup Base or Foundation, take an appropriate amount using the puff, and evenly apply on the entire face concentrating blemished areas with a light dabbing motion.