Secret Nature Green Tea Oil Foam Cleanser

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This one-step cleanser is a makeup remover and cleansing foam in one. The natural cleanser which contains green tea extract, forms bubbles to moisturize and clean without causing irritation. Recommended for all skin types, including dry skin.




Secret Nature's Green Tea Oil to Foam Cleanser generates a rich foam using botanically-derived oil. It also has green tea extracts with 5 kinds of other natural ingredients such as Kiwi, Tomato, Kale Leaf, Blueberry, and Brocolli that gently cleanse the skin. This low-irritant foam also maintains the natural moisture retention of the skin.


How to use

Apply a loyal amount on a dry face and gently massage in circular motion to melt away makeup and impurities from the skin. Cleanse the face with the rich foam that is formed when the content comes in contact with water. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.