Sansim Myeongyeonsu Sleeping Pack

Sansim Myeongyeonsu Sleeping Pack

  • $50.00

A moisturizing sleeping pack that replenishes your skin with dewy feeling overnight (Dual functional cosmetic: wrinkle improvement and whitening)


130 ml 


Overnight skin care with 13% rice bran water     Rice bran has been used as a resource to keep the beauty since the old times, and also been used as an important medicinal herb in the oriental medicine. Especially effective for moisturizing and added with complexion recovering effect, it makes the skin that looks as if you woke up from a deep sleep overnight.


Multi-functional cosmetic with moisturizing, whitening, elasticity, and exfoliation functions as if layering the nourishing mask in 4 layers     Effective in all areas including moisturizing, whitening, elasticity and exfoliation, which makes skin dewy as if layering the nourishing mask in 4 layers.