Sansim Myeonghui Two-Way Pact with a Refill (SPF35/PA++)

  • $73.00

8 kinds of Korean herbs in this pact gives nutritious glossiness and excellent covering!




Carefully selected 8 kinds of Korean herbs make the pact no-stimulus yet powerful nutrition effect. Wild ginseng, green tea, Chinese angelica, mugwort, false daisy, mulberry skin, Paeoniaceae roots, and black sesame extracts for glossy and soothing the skin. 


Beautifully and strongly covering the skin to hid any pigmentations 
The Korean biotech science makes this makeup pact light yet tightly covering any skin type.  


명휘 투웨이 팩트

8가지 한방 비책으로 피부에 영양감 있는 광택감과, 밀착력을 가진 한방 투웨이 팩트 (SPF35/PA++)
들뜸 없이 완벽한 커버력을 주는 한방 투웨이 팩트