Sansim Huian Ampoule (A set of two)

Sansim Huian Ampoule (A set of two)

  • $190.00

An oriental herb essence with 3 types of oriental herbs with whitening effects that erases the freckles and spots that arise as you age, making a clear and luminous skin


40 ml x 2


Surface care   Sigesbeckia orientalis extract and rabdosia rubescens extract cover up the dullness on the surface of the skin for a luminous skin.

A care for hidden spots  The ephedrae herbal extract cares for hidden spots in the skin, while panax ginseng adventitious root extract and fagopyrum tataricum extract add nutrition and hydration to the skin.

Soothing care   Baekandan (licorice, ginkgo biloba leaf, mulberry root bark, green tea, prickly pear) provides relief to sensitive skin.