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Pure Facial Massage Cream

  • $35.00

Massage cream that nourishes and cleans skin at the same time


200 ml 


Massage cream that nourishes and cleans skin
Vitamin E capsules inside the cream and providing nourishment and cleansing to the skin during massage.  

The Massage Cream revitalizes and moisturizes skin by providing vitality to the skin during a massage with the soft texture of the cream the ingredients of vitamin E capsules and Blue seakale ontained in the cream provides abundant nourishment and makes skin feel moisturized and soft by effectively cleansing away accumulated impurities from skin. 


How to Use:
Dispense an appropriate amount onto your palm, gently massage into the face starting with the forehead, then cheeks and chin until the makeup has completely melted. Afterwards, wipe the skin clean with a tissue.

▶ Follow up with a cleansing tissue or foam cleanser for an additionally more refreshing feel.