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Pure Cleansing Tissue

  • $18.00

A highly moisturizing cleansing tissue that makes skin hydrated and glow by gently removing makeup, dead skin cells, and impurities on the face.


12 sheets * 5


Cleansing tissue that purifies skin
Its thick fabric evens out the skin texture by gently removing makeup residue, dead skin cells and impurities.
Low-irritant cleansing tissue
This hydrated oil-based product removes everything from base makeup to lips and eye makeup without irritation.
Make your skin smooth and clean
Active ingredients contained in the tissue soothe irritated, weakened skin from external environment. It refreshes your skin by effectively controlling sebum and purifying pores.


How to Use: 
Take out one tissue, remove point makeup from skin around the eyes and mouth, and wipe off impurities from skin concentrating on the center of the face, starting from the inside of the face working outward, in a gentle rubbing motion. Wash the face with cleanser.

▶ To prevent the evaporation of the content, keep the sticker attached on the product after use.