HD Soft Brush Eyeliner - Trogon Beauty

HD Soft Brush Eyeliner

  • $29.00

A brush type eyeliner for clear and well-defined eyes

Deep Black, 8 ml


Create a neat hairstyle by gathering the tips of the hair with the product's powerful hair holding ability.
You can do a wide range of hairstyles, giving you a neat and refined look.
The triple coating effect that forms protective seal to provide hair luster and nutrition, keeping your hair healthy.
Nature-derived ingredients such as rice, soybean, and sesame extracts nourish the hair, while castor seed oil, argan kernel oil, and seabuckthorn oil help keep your hair lustrous and healthy.

How to Use: 
Head the end of brush downward and shake 2-3 times, and start to draw from the head toward the tail of eyes.