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HD Long Lash Mascara

  • $28.00

This mascara makes short droopy eye lashes look longer, fuller and thicker. Long Lash Mascara creates a lengthening and curling up effect for the eye lashes.


Deep Black, 8ml 


The power of 5mm           
The 5mm fibers can make eye lashes look fuller and longer.
Volume and curling all at once             
The half-crescent mascara brush allows for application on both the front and tail areas of eye lashes, allowing for the creation of fan-shaped eye lashes.
Vivid color          
The vivid black color can make eyes look more defining and beautiful.
Clean application             
The multi-roof system keeps your eye makeup fresh without any powder residue.


How to Use
Take an adequate amount of mascara, and lightly curl up the eye lashes following a zigzag motion. Apply on short eyelashes under the eyes, and at the front and tail of the eyes in detail using the tip of the brush.