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Glam Perfume Body Powder (SPF20/PA++)

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Perfume body powder wraps your body

21 g



Perfume body powder wraps your entire body
The perfume body powder enshrouds you with attractive fragrances and splendid pearl in a matte texture.

Effective in handling body odor
The silk velvety powder effectively controls sebum and dampness of the skin.The sebumase powder controls unpleasant odors with its excellent sebum absorption.

Lasting fragrance
The attractive fragrance of fruit, flower and manila musk envelops the whole body.

Brightens the skin
The ingredient of softly sparkling pearl helps brighten the skin.


How to use:

After taking a shower, gently apply an adequate amount with the puff on areas prone to perspiration and to accentuate using a light patting motion.