Sansim Myeongyeonsu Ampoule Set

  • $180.00

A moisturizing ampoule with low and high molecular hyaluronic acids which have excellent moisture supplying effect. It replenishes the skin perfectly and moistly with moisturizing energy.


15 ml x 4


Multi-5-Hyaluronic Acid   Hyaluronic acid complex in 5 types with different molecular sizes: low molecular hyaluronic acids densely fill up the moisture of the skin, while high molecular hyaluronic acids replenish the surface of the skin with moisture once again, to provide compact and perfect moisture to the skin.
Moisturizing effect that accumulates with each application   Apply whenever there is dryness and hydration accumulates upon each layer of skin, presenting deep moisturizing feeling.
Contains wild ginseng ceramide™   The original ingredient born by combining panax ginseng adventitious root extract, the patent ingredient of Hankook Cosmetics, and ecoceramide strengthens the damaged skin barrier to provide compact moisturizing feeling.
Rich nourishing feeling of moisture-concentrated formula along with a smooth, fresh finish   Lightweight formula is applied with rich nourishing feeling, keeping the skin smooth and dewy even with frequent changes in environments.