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Marine Sweet Shower Skin

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Shower skin helps to make the skin healthy.


150 ml



The shower skin makes skin healthy by providing a soothing effect and moisture to tired skin.
Marine Sweet Shower Skin, scented with mystical fragrance, accentuates feminine sensuality with the sweet revitalizing scent resembling the onset of Spring that is full of vitality. Antarcticine®, which is a glacial ingredient sourced from the Antarctic, soothes and provides moisture to tired skin that has become stressed out by external stimuli all day long.
Active ingredients make the skin healthy and more revitalized by providing it with nourishment.


How to use:

After taking a shower, towel dry skin, spray on the entire body, and gently pat skin with fingers to ensure full absorption.
Tip ▶ Dispense into a portable empty container to spray on skin as needed, anytime and anywhere, in order to enjoy the fragrant body cologne effect.