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Marin Body Lotion

  • $36.00

Body Cylinders that grip your skin with a smooth texture


245 ml



The body lotion makes the skin healthy by improving the skin texture and tone.
The body lotion makes the skin texture feel moisturized and healthy by taking care of the skin texture, tone, and moisture using the ingredient of marine polysaccharide extract.
Marin polysaccharide extract (PTMA-oligomer plus) is a concentrated nourishing ingredient obtained from marine plants that absorb abundant minerals, vitamins and nutrients in their deep sea habitat during their growth. It provides an abundant amount of moisture to rough skin, takes care of damaged skin thanks to the abundant calcium, iron, vitamins and minerals and makes the skin on your body feel firm and clean.


How to use:

After taking a shower, towel-dry skin and apply an adequate amount all over the entire body in a massaging motion to promote absorption into skin.
Tip ▶ On dry days, add 1-2 drops of Marine Body Oil to the Marine Body Lotion to increase the moisturizing effect of the lotion.