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Collagen Ampoule Sheet Mask (10 sheets)

  • $40.00

A mask sheet for skin elasticity that is as effective as the whole bottle of collagen ampoule (Dual functional cosmetic: whitening + wrinkle improvement)


23 ml x 10 sheets



Skin elasticity
contains low molecular collagen ingredients and peptide complex to deliver elasticity to the skin for a younger-looking skin.
Skin nourishing
contains secale cereale (rye) phytoplacenta extract to deliver rich nourishing ingredients to the skin for a healthier skin.
Skin radiance
contains vitamin hyaluronic acid complex to supply moisture to dry skin as well as keep skin radiant at the same time.
What is a peptide complex?
It is a complex of peptides, which are the compound of amino acids, also known as the basic unit of protein that makes up the skin, helps boost the elasticity of the skin.
What is a secale cereale (rye) phytoplacenta extract?
It is a botanical ingredient extracted from phytoplacenta (botanical placenta), the placenta of a rye, after inducing the incubation of botanical cells. It is rich in nutrients that makes your skin healthy.


How to use:

1. After cleansing, wipe the face with a toner.
2. Take out the mask and place it over the face by matching the eyes and nose areas.
3. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and take it off.
4. Gently pat the remaining essence for absorption.