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Hyoum Soon Fermented Skincare Set

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A Set of Hyoum Soon Fermented Toner (140ml), Hyoum Soon Fermented Emulsion (130ml), Hyoum Soon Fermented Cream (20ml), Hyoum Clear Mud Foam (31ml) 

Keep your skin moisturized all day long by applying once! 

Water comes from Lotus Seeds Fermentation 
This set contains the natural fermentation ingredients of 3-step Ferment ProtectionTM and flower extracts that maintain the oil/moisture balance of the skin. Excellent for strengthening and protecting your skin. 

How to Use: 
Wash the face with Hyoum Clear Mud Foam, and apply in the order of Toner, Emulsion and Cream. 



一套Hyoum Soon發酵爽膚水(140ml),Hyoum Soon發酵乳液(130ml),Hyoum Soon發酵乳霜(20ml),Hyoum Clear泥泡沫(31ml)


此套裝包含3步發酵保護TM的天然發酵成分和花朵提取物,可保持皮膚的油/水分平衡。 非常適合加強和保護皮膚。

用Hyoum Clear Mud Foam洗臉,並按爽膚水,乳液和乳霜的順序塗抹。