Total Anti-Aging Skin Care Set for Men

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Toner+Emulsion Set

Total anti-aging care for men’s skin soothes men’s tired skin and improves wrinkles and dull skin tone caused by an external environment


130 ml *2



Wrinkle Improvement functional cosmetic for men’s skin
Wrinkle Improvement functional skin for men improves wrinkles and sagging skin with Adenosine, which is an FDA-approved wrinkle improvement ingredient.

Oil care on the surface of the skin
The product soothes the skin as it gently works on men’s skin that is irritated by shaving and makes the skin feel refreshed by taking care of the oil on the surface of the skin.

Highly moisturizing Essence
The highly moisturizing essence type emulsion keeps the skin moisturized all day long by delivering moisture deep into the skin while providing a non-sticky refreshing finish.

Contains Oriental tea complex and Morus Alba Bark extract
The ingredients of Oriental tea complex and Morus Alba Bark extract, which are obtained from six kinds of medicinal herbs by using an ultrasound extraction method that maximizes active substances, make the skin look bright and radiant with anti-oxidant and blood circulation promoting effects.


How to use:

1. After washing the face or shaving the face, dispense an appropriate amount on your palm and spread evenly on the entire face in a tapping motion.

2. After using toner, apply an appropriate amount on the entire face and gently pat to aid absorption into skin