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HD Double Eyebrow (Dark Brown)

  • $28.00

HD Double Eyebrow with Tint Marker and Mascara in one! 
Dark Brown 


2.8 g + 4.5 g 


Excellent and long lasting color 
With this tint marker and mascara in one, drawing eyebrows is not so complicated anymore. Keeping it natural and lasting long, this is excellent eyebrow color for all.  

Maintaining eyebrows healthy and strong
No harsh chemical over eyebrows. Eyebrows actually get more moisture and nutrition from all natural HD Double Eyebrow. 

Without smudging, easy to apply 
It is easy to apply and fix even when you make mistakes. Simply swipe with a tissue, and try it again! 


How to Use: 
Draw an outline with tint marker around the eyebrows. And brush the eyebrows with the mascara following the hair direction. You might want to brush again to the opposite direction to make the eyebrow look more hairy. Make sure not to press too hard. Light brushing will fill the color between hair and make the eyebrow natural and affluent.