Detox Foot Patches (10 Patches / Box)

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Aroma therapy & Reflexology sap patches for your feet or stiff muscles

With natural ingredients, the sap patches help to emit FIR (Far Infrared Rays), which promotes the circulation of the blood to make you feel refreshed and light. You might want to apply them on both soles of your feet while sleeping and take them off next morning. 


10 patches / box 


Five different Aroma
Forest Sap Patches - Refreshes your body as if you are in the forestry the wood vinegar  
Healthful natural ingredients such as Wood vinegar, Tourmaline, Chitosan, Pearl stones, Highly-purified silica, and Starch etc.
are mixed and powdered together to be put into a patch. Forest Sap Patch has an effect of natural forest bath because it absorbs body wastes and sweat. It may help promote the circulation of the blood by generating natural FIR(Far Infrared Rays), which make you feel refreshed and light. 

Warm Sap Patches - When you have cold feet or hands, this patch is excellent warming too 
If you apply Warm Sap Patch to the soles of the feet or the targeted area on the body, the body temperature gradually increases because warming pigments in the internationally patented microcapsules have excellent heating effect. 

Lavender Sap Patches - Feeling relaxed through the refined scent of Lavender  
Lavender contains an ingredient referred to as ester, which is excellent in relieving fatigue and enhancing the quality of sleep by assisting user to have sound sleep through lowering blood pressure, and relaxing body and mind. It is a pure natural ingredient with unique aroma and vital life energy extracted from herb with the effect in releasing tension and pacifying the nerves

Rose Sap Patches - Make you feel energized through the rich fragrance of roses 
Rose oil, also referred to as the queen of diverse range of aroma therapy oils, is very effective on dried and aged skin. It may help clear and exalt one's mind and assist one to have dignified confidence. Furthermore, its aromatic effect may help remove various foul odors.

Eucalyptus Sap Patches - Make you feel refreshed with thiscool scent of Eucalyptus
According to Organic Facts, the scent of Eucalyptus can help remove exhaustion and mental sluggishness and is also effective in treating stress and tension from the body. With high content of oxygen, it improves one's ability to concentrate.


Sap patches are recommended for those who suffer from below troubles and irritation: 

  • Those who have body part swollen, sprained or bruised 
  • Those who suffer from minor aches of muscles or joints
  • Those who have stiff muscles due to stress or long hours of work 
  • Those who have cold arms or feet 



How to Use: 

When patches and adhesives are separate:


When patches and adhesives are in one: