Darkness Squid Ink Hair Color Cream

Darkness Squid Ink Hair Color Cream

  • $17.50

No Ammonia, Natural Squid Ink and Grape seeds oil for Shining and Lasting Hair Color. 


Made in Korea, k-beauty technology (Patent applied: 10-2008-0011559) for squid ink and charcoal powder coloring for covering grey hair and shiny expression. 

Comes in big size (100g, 3.5oz) each per color cream and oxidizer. Big enough for long hair. You can also leave some for later use. 

Excellent oil-balancing formulation technology helps to remove stains on the scalp easily, prevents hair from color dripping and lasts for a long time.


How to use: 

After shampooing lightly, towel dry the hair thoroughly before use. Mix 1st agent (color cream) and 2nd agent (oxidant) in 1: 1 ratio and apply evenly to hair. After waiting at room temperature for 25 minutes (5 minutes extension depending on hair condition), wash the hair with a shampoo and conditioner. Rinse thoroughly with water.


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