Hojicha Roasted Green Tea (30 teabags)

  • $11.50

  • Premium roasted green tea from Shizuoka Japan.
  • Hojicha, also called Bancha, is made by roasting Sencha tea leaves over high heat. It is a brown tea with a toasted nutty flavor. Easy to try for those who never tried Japanese teas.
  • Like Sencha, tea leaves for Hojicha also grown with fully-flooded sunlight, so Hojicha contains beneficial Catechin. Since Hojicha is pan-roasted, it is very low in caffeine. In Japan, Hojicha is commonly given to babies and people who are sick because it is both nutritious and low in caffeine. Hojicha is also perfect for iced tea.
  • The flavor is very smooth and the aroma lingers nicely for a while. It is said that Hojicha grown specifically in Shizuoka has a particularly delightful aroma.
  • Masudaen, with over 150-year history of tea farming and processing, produces premium teas.