Sansim Myeongyeonsu Skincare Set

Sansim Myeongyeonsu Skincare Set

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Myeongyeonsu Toner 150ml 
Myeongyeonsu Emulsion 130ml 
Myeongyeonsu Toner 20ml 
Myeonyeonsu Emulsion 20ml 
Myeongyeonsu Cream 8ml 
Myeongyeonsu Sleeping Pack 10ml 


Multi-5-Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid complex in 5 types with different molecular sizes: low molecular hyaluronic acids densely fill up the moisture of the skin, while high molecular hyaluronic acids replenish the surface of the skin with moisture once again, to provide compact and perfect moisture to the skin.

Moisturizing effect that accumulates with each application

Apply whenever there is dryness and hydration accumulates upon each layer of skin, presenting deep moisturizing feeling.

Lightweight yet instant silky soft texture

Glides on the skin in a flexible way while spreading in thin high-quality layers with its silky smooth application.

Skin texture getting moist and smooth, leaving no sticky feeling after use 

           By retaining the natural barriers of the skin, it keeps skin smooth        
           and moist despite the frequent change in environments.


How to Use:

Apply in the order of toner, emulsion and cream onto well-cleaned skin. Use the sleeping pack once a week to relax and rest your skin.