Hit of the Month!

Hey guys, check out what our best sellers of the month are! 


The newly added roadshop items stay strong! 
d'Alba Peptide No-Sebum Gel Cleanser, Esfolio and Jigott Facial Mask Sheets, and Esfolio Collagen Mist are good sellers throughout the month. 

But the real winner for this month is Hyoum set! This is why TROGON BEAUTY TEAM decided to renew the blog post on Hyoum's fermentation. It was a surprise yet powerful entrance of Hyoum set. We believe it is the weather. Surely without this soothing and moisturizing fermented lotus water, the weather has been too harsh! 

While Jigott Mask Sheets were doing well, Myeonghui Color Contro CCBB Cream came very close right behind it. d’Alba Cleanser and Hyoum Soon skin care set are doing just great as steady sellers. 


Sansim CCBB Cream and Judanhak Gold Sleeping Pack are always customers' favorites as well as ours! We are loyal to these items!