The Myth Of Sansam

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Forbidden Roots, San-sam

 There is a myth in Korea that San-sam (wild ginseng) is to be found only when the Holy Spirit allows. The ginseng collectors would clean their body and go on a pray for months before heading out to mountains searching for this wild ginseng. San-sam was the essence of their wish, desire and dedication.

 Since San-sam are often tens of or sometimes hundreds of years old, they are much worthier than cultivated ginseng, and known for their special effect for enhancing immune system, strengthening stamina, anti-aging, and so on.




Unreachable Beauty of Nature

 Sansim has put on efforts to create as similar environment of San-sam’s as possible to cultivate Chunjong San-sam in the O-dae San area. With clean water, soft breeze, affluent soil, 110-year old Chunjong San-sam is sure to have special elements that will nourish women’s skin.




Our attempt to embrace the vitality of O-dae San area with our 50 year-long research in dermatology and cosmetics

 Sansim, for the first time, succeeded to grow and extract germiculture of San-sam(wild ginseng) and obtained patents over countries like France, UK, Italy, Switzerland, China, Japan, India let alone Korea.




Presenting the Beauty of Nature itself

 Sansim invites you to this clean nature every night. The Sansim line is made with the water of O-dae san and the extracts of 110-year old San-sam. This will be your special experience for yourself and your skin.

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