Quick and Natural Makeup for Gym!

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The most annoying part before going to exercise - Should I wear makeup or not? Of course, not wearing makeup is the best way if you think about sweating. But if you want to exercise after work or a work meeting, why not try boldly light and natural makeup? Let's boldly simplify the makeup steps and reduce the amount applied!

Makeup for exercise


First, omit the makeup base and sunscreen, and spread a thin layer of Sansim Myeonghui Cover Cushion with a Refill Special (SPF47/PA++) all over the face. It has good coverage, so even a small amount will brightly and consistently improve skin tone.


Ossion HD Rouge Glam 205Next, apply a thin layer of Ossion HD Rouge Glam Coral Peach 205 like a blush over the cheekbones. Tap it with your fingers to spread it softly. Apply the same product on the inside of the lips, then use a brush or cotton swab to spread it outward to create a natural lip line. 

Ossion HD Rouge Glam 205


Lastly, fill in the gaps between the eyebrows like dots with Ossion HD Liquid Eyeliner. As the dots are gathered and expressed like a line, the eyes become clearer. Next, finish by drawing a thin and long line along the corner of the eye.

Ossion HD Liquid Eyeliner  


Voila~! Complete light and natural makeup with just three products! If you want to go straight to your gym from the office or meeting, this is the way to go!


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