Introducing Spring Mist Collection

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As Spring is right here, let's keep your skin moisturized and nourished with these lines of luxurious mist!

We are proud to present our mist serum collection. 
Carefully selected, they are excellent to use as toner, moisturizer and nourishing serum on the go! 



Sansim Myeong Yeon Su Mist - Luxurious serum mist, all natural yet powerful moisturizer. Contains five types of molecular hyaluronic acid complexes. Low-molecular hyaluronic acid densely fills the skin's moisture, while high-molecular hyaluronic acid replenishes the skin's surface moisture once again, filling it tightly. It is a unique ingredient made from the combination of Hankook Cosmetics' wild ginseng cultured root extract and eco-ceramide, which strengthens the discolored skin barrier and provides a moisturizing feeling.


Super Energy Total Care Jet - Premium All in One Spray Type for skin. 
It excludes ingredients that are harmful and irritating to the skin, and contains a peptide complex that is effective for supplying skin moisture and elasticity, nutritional energy, and active ingredients to help keep the skin moist all day long.
3 in 1 premium multi mist that provides the functions of toner, moisturizer and essence. Comes with two bottles. 


d'Alba White Truffle First SprayLuxurious white truffle extracts and avocado oil in one bottle to give your skin instant moisture and relaxation. Selected as most loved mist spray by flight attendants who struggle with in-flight dry air condition! Try this sumptuous mist spray for everyday use keep your skin moisturized and revitalized. Comes in 50ml and 100ml. 


Esfolio Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist - A rejuvenating gel-type mist with 100% aloe vera. Hydrates and soothes dry skin with aloe barbadensis leaf juice power, and protects against radical damage with camellia sinensis leaf extract. Lightweight formula is quickly absorbed by skin without leaving any sticky feel. It can be used to refresh complexion throughout the day or as a facial pack, after sun care and sleeping mask. 


Esfolio Collagen Daily Soothing Mist - With Milk Protein Extract, Aloe Aarbadensis Leaf Extract, and Codium Fragile Extract, this mist gives you enough refreshing feel and deep collagen inducing effect. 




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