How to Make up for October!

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I wanted to add some natural autumn look, and followed this make-up tutorial using Sansim and Ossion products. Try this! You will love the look. Fresh yet just right for the season. 


For the skin tone 

Myeong Hui Cover Cushion 

I will first put on Sansim Myeong Hui Cover Cushion that expresses the natural skin tone. This cover cushion is made with oriental medicine ingredients full of nutritions. 

I used Ossion Rouge Glam 205 for blusher, eye shadow and lips. I put it over the cheek bones, eyelids and lips. This coral color gives the perfect vividness without too much. The glossiness of the lipstick adds radiance to the skin, and the coral color creates a lively cheek.

You might want to put in on the back of your hand first to control the amount of the product to put on each part. 



Ossion HD Soft Brush Eyeliner





Refine your eyes with a thin brush-pen eyeliner that can be drawn precisely.









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