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Hair loss that afflicts both men and women. Let's talk about how to stop and prevent it. 

Hair loss has been considered a problem for men, but the proportion of women who suffer from hair loss is increasing. As of January-July 2019, the proportion of hair loss products in the large online market showed that women accounted for 60 percent, higher than 40 percent men. Hair loss is a testament to the fact that hair loss is no longer just a man's problem. 

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In particular, unlike male hair loss, in which genetic factors are applied a lot, female hair loss is caused by pregnancy and childbirth, the use of birth control pills, frequent perm and dyeing, stress, and nutritional imbalance due to excessive diet. In other words, women's hair loss is closely related to hormonal abnormalities and lifestyles, and it is helpful to prevent hair loss and to slow the progression of hair loss simply by steadily care for the scalp and hair with a lifestyle and hair loss product that helps the scalp health.


Solution 1. The importance of shampoo & how to use shampoo

The first thing to worry about when you suspect hair loss is shampoo. If you do not remove dust, dead skin, sweat, sebum, etc. accumulated on the scalp without leaving it clean, it will block the pores of the scalp and cause inflammation and cause hair loss.

Daol Hair Shampoo - Trogon Beauty Shampooing at night is more effective than morning to get rid of the waste that accumulates throughout the day and to help your scalp to rest properly. Before shampooing, soak the scalp with lukewarm water for 3 minutes and soak the foreign body. Then, foam with shampoo and massage the scalp thoroughly for 2 minutes with the fingertips. The point is to leave the foam for about 3 minutes so that the active ingredient of the hair loss shampoo can be absorbed into the scalp. After rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water, dry the scalp and hair completely with a dryer and go to bed.


Solution 2. Dry hair is the biggest enemy of hair loss prevention

When attempting to remove excessive sebum of the scalp, it is likely to dry the scalp and to weaken hair strength. It is important to keep your scalp and hair clean with treatments composed of herbal and panthenol ingredients that strengthen the hair root. 

Daol Hair Treatment - Trogon Beauty When using hair treatment products, evenly massage the hair into several parts, taking care not to touch the scalp. Apply a treatment product and warm your hair with an electric hair cap or steam towel to open the cuticle layer of your hair so that the active ingredients are well absorbed. 


Solution 3. Scalp ampoule is not a choice but a must

The scalp is connected to the facial skin, so when the scalp loses its elasticity and begins to be struck by the effects of gravity, the facial line collapses as a whole. Regular scalp massage every day helps the blood circulation of the scalp to deliver a good effect on the hair as well as to increase the elasticity of the skin. Make sure you find the right ampoule for your scalp and apply regularly. 



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