Cleaner & Safer Biotechnology for Anti-Aging : Rice EGF & FGF

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EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) and FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor) are best known as stem cell growth factors that help revitalizing skin cells. Over 90 percent of market available stem cell products are grown in bacteria system that is most similar to the human stem cell environment. However, it is not easy to maintain bacteria clean and healthy. Stem cell growth factors grown in bacteria or animal environments are not as sustainable or effective as plant-based stem cell growth factors. 

Plants have distinctive advantages over microbial and animal cell culture systems. Plants have much reduced risks of mammalian viral contaminants, oncogenes, and bacteria toxins. Simply put, plant environment is cleaner than animal environment for stem cell culture!After over a decade of research, NBMs Inc. established the cleanest and most supporting system to grow stem cells, which is "Rice". Yes, the rice, we eat!

Not only is the glycosylation pattern of plants similar to that of humans, plants also perform complex post-translational modification that allows to produce complicated glycoproteins which is crucial in bioactivity and stability of proteins. Simply put again, plants can also provide similar-to-human environment for stem cells! 

NBMs (Natural Bio-Materials) Inc. is established in 2008 by Dr. Tae Ho Kwon with a number of scientists in Jeonju City, Korea. The lab's main purpose is to produce biorisk-free recombinant proteins including growth factors, antibodies, cytokines, and industrial enzymes by using plant suspension cell culture system. 

The team has developed an innovative method of Molecular Farming to use plants or plant cells to produce high-value compounds such as medicines, diagnostic proteins, and industrial enzymes. Molecular Farming is the essence of the lab's decade-long effort to combine biotechnology and agriculture. Due to this technology, NBMs can produce most effective and safest growth factors at most competitive price. 

The Rice Cell Suspension Culture System (Patented by NBMs Inc.) has become increasingly popular as a machinery for the production of pharmaceutical and industrial proteins. Even compared to other plants, rice is proved to be the most suitable host for producing recombinant protein. Rice has been used in production of a large number of therapeutic proteins. Rice is easy to control of culture environment, and its procedures for the isolation and purification of the products are much simpler. Isn't this neat to know that rice is more than what we eat! 

In addition, NBMs' own "Rice Cell Suspension Culture System" has realized the simplest, cleanest, and most economic way or producing stem cell growth factors.  

All products by NBMs are suitable to use as medical and bio-pharmaceutical supplements, cosmetics additives, or industrial re-agents. NBMs' products exceed the standards set by global pharmaceutical companies and cosmetics companies, who are our important clients. 

NBMs took another venture with its own skincare line, ISTINA, to combine NBMs' decade-long biotech R&D with the world-known K-Beauty technology. Trogon Beauty brings in the most of products from ISTINA line. They are effective anti-aging agents working skin deep. ISTINA products are non-sensitive, still effective stem-cell cosmetics. Trogon Beauty can dare to say, this is THE MOST EFFECTIVE EGF & FGF skincare products! 


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